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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Petite Scones

We are happy to introduce a new product offering for your palate!

::Petite Scones::

These delightful bitesize Scottish originated quickbread is simply comfort food. As they say, the baking of scones is closely tied to heritage baking and recipes are often from the trove of treasured family recipes.

Hence, we decided to dig deep and fished out this wonderful recipe. The scent is oh so aromatic and drool-inducing (oops, but we kid you not!) during and after baking.

Our scones can be customized according to your taste preference:
- Plain Butter Scone
- Raisin Scone
- Cranberry Scone
- Cheese Scone

Perfect for breakfast, tea or even a quick snack in the evening!

S$12.00 for 10pc with a tub of jam 

(min. 2 packs per order)

Little House of Dreams

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