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Sunday, December 30, 2007

To wish all a Happy New Year!

A lovely spa - La Touche has ordered boxes of cookies from us to be given away to their customers for the New Year! These are the 'Couple Cookie Pack' which contains 24pc of freshly baked Naked Classic Vanilla Butter cookies in assorted shape & size.

And in case you wanna know, La Touche is located at 6 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Tower 2 #01-08. Call then at 61008200 for enquries. Trust me on the treatments! They are marvellous.

Little House of Dreams

Monday, December 24, 2007

About Us

About Us

Inspired by New York’s Magnolia Bakery, Little House of Dreams started in January 2008 offering freshly baked butter cookies and customized cupcakes.
Little House of Dreams has since grown and now offers a selection of customizable cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, marshmallow pops as well as a bespoke Dessert Table service. Which essentially is a customizable dessert bar that offers anything from cup cakes and macaroons to candy jars and chocolate mousse shots.The table is also styled according to the theme provided and every item is personalized to suit, right down to the cutlery.
And most recently, Little House of Dreams also launched our themed party planning service for kids. The full party program consists of customized invitations to venue décor, food and entertainment. Our recommended party programs would be the signature Dessert Table and Make Your Own session where each child gets crafty and makes something according to the theme of the party. 

Our Specialities 
BESPOKE DESSERT TABLES / THEMATIC PARTY TABLES Be it a pretty dessert table for your wedding day, a healthy salad table for mom’s birthday or an elegant canapé table for your company function. Every aspect is carefully planned and creatively executed so that you and your friends & family can relish in the atmosphere and create unforgettable memories together!
CUPCAKES These pretty cakes in a cup are really what kick started Little House of Dreams. Every step from baking to the decoration, our cupcakes are made with love and passion. Cupcakes are perfect for any occasion! At small gathering with friends, a birthday bash, a wedding reception or corporate function. Each cupcake has their own 'personality' as they are customized according to your theme. Pretty, cute, elegant or quirky - it's all up to you!
MARSHMALLOW POPS We invented these as a fun and inexpensive item for any one who loves marshmallows and chocolate.Chocolate dipped marshmallows on sticks combined with decorative sugar designs are a hit with everyone, especially the kids, making it a party favor best seller! 

Audrey & Aileen
Little House of Dreams