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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Its goodbye again...

Cindy ordered these individual cupcakes as farewell gifts for her colleagues....she's gonna be leaving them soon.

And boy! we managed to get the name
Elanchandran onto the cupcake ; )

Some other closeups....

Little House of Dreams

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Cindy said...

Thanks Audrey!

Everyone loved their cupcakes. There were a lot of " cute" or "let me see..let me see" or even those to protected their cuppies like they were diamond studded!
Everyone also did not have the heart to sink their teeth into those pretty cuppies (so they nipped my spare cakes!)or the they kept in the fridge so they can admire them for a bit more.
It's a great to end with a gift that brought so much smiles into our office. Thank you!