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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mark & Chen Nian ...

Our best wishes and heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to newly weds Mark & Chen Nian.

They had a lovely intimate wedding banquet at Orchard Hotel and ordered cupcakes and cookies from are some shots of before the actual day. We'll load more from the professional photographer once it is available.

The cupcakes for the cocktail reception were done in a pastel theme to match the bride's wedding gown which had hues of baby to add mor
e sweetness and femininity we included pinks & purples.

The cupcake favors for each guest at the table were in striking red & black to again match the bride's evening gown which was a beautiful victorian/manchurian inspired gown with a bright red bodice. And of course, she looked way gorgeous in it too!

Before they were 'signed'

With both their names

Little House of Dreams

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