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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Dream Team


Thanks to all who expressed an interest in being a part of the Little House of Dreams team!

The journey I had from starting this business to where we are right now has been amazing and filled with many special moments. And I think most importantly, I have my wonderful mom, Aileen who has really been a pillar of this entire business. Little House of Dreams definitely could not have done it without her…so here’s a BIG FAT HUG AND KISS to you and all your hard ...
work Mom!

I am now very excited, proud and honored to welcome onboard Lays who has such infectious enthusiasm for the business and of course shares the same passion as me. There will be more updates on this journery through an upcoming blog entry and there will also be some changes to accommodate this new partnership. Will keep everyone updated through our next few posts.

X Audrey

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